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I can’t speak enough to the quality of care at Studio V…there is much more to this place than fitness…there is comradery and genuine affection for their clients…individual attention to what your body needs and a plan on how to get you there…many different fitness levels, and for those different fitness needs there are alternatives…Pilates, aerial yoga, TRX, bootcamps, Zumba, kickboxing, core classes, and much more including private individualized classes…don’t wait, you can make a visible change during the next eight weeks of bootcamp…DO IT NOW!

ColleenRose M.

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 4 years, and the BBC program at Studio V is one of the best fitness and nutrition programs I’ve experienced. Studio owner, Victoria Popoff, was my supervisor for a while a the gym we used to work at. I always told myself if I was ever going to invest in personal training it would be with Victoria because not only is she a fitness and nutrition expert, she genuinely cares for her clients and wants to help them better their lives.

BBC has been a life changing experience for me thanks to Victoria and her awesome team of trainers. I feel amazing, and the lbs are melting off 🙂  The best part of BBC is the accountability.  My amazing trainer Sue stalks my food diary and dissects it down the last spoonful of almond butter 😉  Sue can pinpoint what I need to cut back on and what I need more of.  The classes tough but so fun, I never leave the studio without a smile. Every single trainer is helpful and available to answer any question literally 24/7 (seriously, Victoria answered a question at 1 am last night!) They will do just about anything to help you achieve the results you desire!

For example, I broke my arm this weekend. with 2 weeks of BBC to go, I got super depressed thinking this was going to throw me off my path to success. Victoria met with me and assured me that  I’m not going to fall off the bandwagon. Victoria and Sue are going to take  a half hour to teach me how to exercise around this stupid cast.  I walked into the studio feeling down and depressed and left feeling optimistic and empowered…  pretty much epitomizes BBC as a whole. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone!

Amber A

I have grown up and around a gym atmosphere and the last few years I have been Burt out on working out or finding something I enjoyed. I have done boot camp before somewhere else so when my mom mention this to me. I was unsure. She said no it’s different. I went to the information meeting and the Owner V was very real and honest and up lifting and has a very positive attitude. So I signed up and I feel the best I haven’t felt in a long time. It was different you got to choose what classes you wanted to go too. They have reformer Pilates and yoga and many more popular workout classes. Got to meet new people and the staff was amazing. They had events that went along with the theme of the Bikini boot camp (spring training).Wish I was able to make theme all. The Staff took the time to make sure you were doing the movements correctly. With their Energy it help get through class. They included meal plans which was a added bonus I felt. I would like to include how clean the studio was too. I hope you go check out the studio. You won’t be sorry. I wasn’t. This program works!

Kimberly P.

Studio V is such a great studio! I feel fortunate to have been able to attend Pilates reformer classes while visiting family in Modesto. The studio is absolutely gorgeous! They have a beautiful Pilates reformer room and a group fitness room with arial yoga silks, TRX bands and a variety of other fitness equipment. There is also an adjacent wellness center and day spa which is a huge plus especially if you are looking to transform your health and body. The prices are extremely reasonable and the instructors are very welcoming, knowledgable, and motivating. I took 5 reformer classes with Jenn and each one was fantastic! Each workout was different from the prior and worked the entire body while focusing on the core. She played motivating music throughout and gave detailed instruction for each position. She made sure everyone in the class was getting the most out of their workout and even adjusted me a few times so that I could get into proper form. I’ve taken Pilates classes all over the world and I must admit that Jenn is my all time favorite instructor. Her classes were challenging, fun, and very informative. I fully plan on returning to Studio V whenever I am in Modesto. If you are serious about your health and fitness routine, try Studio V, you will NOT be disappointed!

Catherine M.


I love this place and the trainers. I’ve been coming here on and off since 2012 I get the best workouts as well as support, I feel like I’m coming in to visit friends and get a great workout everyone is so friendly and you meet great people who are on the same journey. I’ve done the Bootcamp a few times and always get the best results. Not only do they help you get into shape they help you with nutrition for a healthy lifestyle and you can continue after the program. Victoria is the most kind-hearted, caring person I have met and always keeps me motivated! LOVE Studio V!!!!!

~ Erica M.


What’s not to love about Studio V?  Pilates reformer, aerial yoga, Barre classes, Bikini Bootcamps, AMAZING trainers that really know their stuff and are more than willing to teach you and inspire you!  But the very best thing for me is WHEN they offer these incredible classes, at 5a or 7:30p, times when a busy, working gal like me can actually get there… Now if I could just put a few Studio V’s in other parts of the Valley when I travel life would be — almost PERFECT!  Thanks Studio V!

~ Marlene C.


Pilates at this Studio actually saved my life. I tried out another Reformer Pilates place in Modesto and was extremely disappointed with how they treated me. I then searched for another reformer Pilates place and found Studio v. This was about 9 months ago and I’m hooked. This place has the best instructors and the best team. They get to know you individually and really care about your personal goals.

~ Mary I.