For Immediate Release:

July 20, 2021



Modesto, CA (July 20, 2021) – Central Valley’s acclaimed and award-winning Pilates instructor, Victoria Popoff, invited to Mexico’s exclusive Rancho La Puerta resort as their specialty instructor. 

            Popoff, owner and operator of Studio V Pilates & Fitness in Modesto, CA was invited recently as a specialty water fitness instructor at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico. The acclaimed Conde Nast and award-winning resort is family owned and operated since the 1940s. 

            Guests include many celebrities over the past 81 years; Oprah Winfrey, Kate Winslet, Claudia Schiffer, Ricki Lake, Charlton Heston, along with tech millionaires, entrepreneurs, educators, executives, and anyone looking for a reset. With the privacy policy, no cell phones in public view, and limited Wi-Fi, guests enjoy a digital detox in ultimate privacy. Nature, quiet and restful sleep becomes part of your weeklong routine on the 4,000-acre property.

            “It is such an honor to be invited by a resort that puts wellness and sustainable practices within their business,” said Popoff.  “My goal has always been to work with businesses who have the same values as I do.”

            Popoff, along with other nationally recognized health and wellness instructors were invited this week to bring their specialty fitness programs to their guests.  Popoff was first invited in 2014 to teach as a guest instructor. She has been back multiple times, and this time was honored to be hosted by RLP as a specialty instructor for Water Week – bringing her love of the pool, fitness & Pilates together for energetic, fun, and pain free classes. Guests enjoyed classic songs, mobility exercises, stamina-building deep water exercise, and pool Pilates! Victoria is honored to be welcomed back year after year. 

            Popoff was born and raised in Modesto, California, and has been teaching fitness for 22 years.  Teaching CPR, lifeguarding, swim lessors, and aqua therapy for children, she has always had a passion for helping others from a young age.

“I really enjoy the clarity that comes with the visit to the ranch,” said Popoff.

            Along with helping the guests at the resort, she is also helping those who watch her online platform, Studio V TV Pilates at home.  Victoria started her fitness studio 10 years ago, yet with quarantine, Popoff created a fully online studio; and continues to record, produce, and create workouts for all fitness levels. 

            “A few weeks ago I was presenting from the beautiful country of Mexico and being able to have live workouts and show the rich heritage is also educational for my audience,” said Popoff. 

            Popoff is currently working on a 2022 retreat at Rancho La Puerta that will be exclusive to anyone wanting to attend.  Information about the retreat will be posted on her website when available. 

            For more information about Rancho La Puerta click here:

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