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Studio V Classes

PILATES CLASSES (Mat & Reformer) 

Basic Pilates Reformer
Re-learn the basics, or start your Pilates journey off strong with this BASIC level class. Create a foundation of stability, knowledge & Pilates movements though this class.
Any injuries? Please let the instructor know BEFORE class starts. 
Reformer Level 1

This class is a great class to introduce you to the Reformer. Perfect for anyone who has never done Pilates, needs a refresher, or might have specific injuries that require special attention. This class moves slightly slower than our regular Pilates Reformer classes, and is recommended for all new clients. Feeling comfortable and confident in your movements is the key to success while working on this functional piece of machinery.

This class does take place on a machine, called the Pilates Reformer. It involves a spring loaded machine that requires specific instruction for best results.

Pilates Reformer

Slow controlled movements focused on core muscle groups, enhanced by deep breathing. Can be modified for nearly any person. Cardio, strength, and endurance. This workout will leave you feeling stronger and flexible. Private sessions are also available for those with more specific needs.

Fitness Reformer (Advanced)

This style of Reformer Pilates is NOT for the beginner. It is a more fast paced workout designed to challenge you. We suggest that you be in overall great health with little to no injuries, have experience on the reformer and feel confident about movement on the reformer. This class does not slow down and will keep you feeling new muscles each time you return.

Men on Machines Reformer
Only one pre-qualification:
1) You must be male.
This class is SPECIFIC to men and common areas of complaint:
– Tightness in the hamstrings & low back
– Weakness in the midsection
– Limited flexibility of hip & knee joints
– Pain in the lower back 
If this is you – this is YOUR class. We work on movements to increase flexibility through your body, targeting joints, hamstrings & lower back. We will increase your core strength, in turn, decreasing lower back pain. 
50 minutes. Barefoot. If you wear shorts, please wear under armour compression shorts underneath. Questions? Call us 209-526-2664
Reformer "Happy Hour"
Happiness comes from within… and from laughter, sweating with your friends & great music. Prepare to laugh your way through this workout as you wind down the week. Friday night happy hour will never be the same. 
This class is performed on a Reformer. 
*This class is typically a “louder” class. (Music & instructor)
Hottie Pilates (Mat)

A mat Pilates class designed to work the abs, buns & thighs. Designed to bring heat and strength to those areas as we tone & tighten. Bring your mat and be prepared to get hot! Upbeat, fun class for all fitness levels.

*Please note: New clients to Studio V and reformer pilates are required to have a one-on-one training session with our instructors before participating in a group session.Prerequisite Notes. Click here to book your complimentary private intro session.



Rest & Renew Yoga
Great way to end your day. Prepare the body for a deep sleep after this class. Soothing music, a gentle voice guiding you through poses meant to relax the body & renew your spirit. 
Bring your own yoga mat, and a blanket for comfort if you choose. Prepare to unwind.
Yoga & Silks
Bring the world of aerial yoga very subtly to the mat. Poses start on the mat and slowly build up to standing movements with assistance from the hammock. 
Floating childs pose, warrior series, deep breathing & movements that will leave you feeling better than when you walked in. Enjoy an hour of this perfect blend of grounding aerial yoga. 
*There are NO full inversions on the hammock in this class. 
Intro to Aerial Yoga
Curious, but not quite sure? This class leads you through all the safety of aerial, why it benefits us, plus you get to experience the aerial journey in an intimate, supported & non-threatening way. 
You do not have to be flexible to take this class. You do not need to know yoga to take this class. It is the basics of aerial, broken down into approachable steps. 
If any pre-existing medical issues, please advise your doctor before participating. 
Aerial Stretch
Explore the world of inversions for 60 minutes in our hammocks. Come stretch the stress away & find that your body will release more tension when upside down. Stretching comes easier when gravity is in control!
It is recommended that you bring a yoga mat & wear a shirt that covers your underarms until you are used to the pressure of the hammock.
No jewelry, zippers, belts, buttons, gems or anything that could snag the fabric. Please do not use hand lotion, heavy perfume before class or have a spray tan within 12 hours. Please use good personal hygiene by trimming all toenails, fingernails as well as using deodorant in consideration for others in the class. 
Avoid eating or drinking acidic liquids an hour prior to class. If you have any concerns, please call us ahead of class and/or consider speaking to the instructor before class. 


Power Up!

Early bird gets the worm!! This class is for those of you who are dedicated fitness enthusiasts! POWER UP your day with this kick start to your morning. This workout IS your coffee! Expect results when attending this functional, dynamic, kick your butt class. Modifications are made for all fitness levels!

Buns & Guns
Get LBD ready while targeting your booty & arms!  This uses resistance bands, TRX, dumbbells and your own body weight to create a focused workout for the parts we love! 
Tight & Toned

This non-impact class uses a combo of free weights, resistance bands, your own body weight & the TRX strap to firm, tighten and tone your whole body. Great class for anyone! 

Cardio + Barre + Dance

Dance Cardio & barre is a low-impact, high results, fat burning workout! Get ready to tone, shape & firm your buns, abs and legs in this 90 minute class. No dance experience required. All levels welcome!

Run Camp
This class will challenge you in the outdoors! Led by a certified trainer and will incorporate interval based workouts with sprints, plyometrics, jogging, and lots of sweating! 

Prerequisite Notes

This class does require impact on an outdoor surface. You may run on paved roads, sidewalks, gravel or dirt. Please wear supportive shoes. If you have ANY joint injury that you are aware of, please contact the Studio BEFORE you attend.
Sculpt {Z}
Toning, sculpting & a little dancing! Lower impact moves with serious sculpting moves! This class uses light weights and moves to the beat of the music. 
TRX Pilates

If you love Pilates, you will love the added challenge of using the TRX to assist mat based movements. Be prepared for a whole new way to use the TRX with slow, controlled, and INTENSE moves. No impact, safe for beginners and can be utilized for athletes too. 

Silver Strength

Designed with seniors in mind, anyone just starting out or looking for a low impact class. This will focus on strength in daily movements, range of motion and balance. Taught by a skilled “senior” specialist. Please let your instructor know about any medical conditions before class. Some participants may require a doctor’s note.

Barefoot Bootcamp
Barefoot bootcamp does NOT mean easy! Try this strength based class to target your whole body! Starting on the mat, warm up with some low impact cardio moves, building heat through the body. Use dumbbells & body weight to sculpt your upper & lower body in these dynamic movements… perfect for blasting fat! This class will give you a full body workout, cardio, strength – in 50 minutes!!
*Shoes optional
Low Impact Cardio

A gentle approach to cardio training for the older adult. This workout incorporates endurance, balance, fall prevention, flexibility, memory & fun! We listen to music from the 60’s & 70’s as we improve our minds & bodies.Taught by a skilled “senior” specialist. Please let your instructor know about any medical conditions before class. Some participants may require a doctor’s note.


Piloxing is a blend of Pilates, dance & boxing! Sculpt your body with this fun, non-stop, energizing fusion of exercises. Burn calories, build lean muscle & increase stamina with this fat burning workout! 


Barre & Booty

Love your lower body with this glute-busting barre workout!! We use bands to help isolate deep muscles within your thighs, buns and hips! Sculpting your way to sexy muscles! This class is performed barefoot – please bring a mat.

Cardio + Barre + Dance

Dance Cardio & barre is a low-impact, high results, fat burning workout! Get ready to tone, shape & firm your buns, abs and legs in this 90 minute class. No dance experience required. All levels welcome!

Barre + TRX

The perfect blend of Barre movements & TRX strength building exercises! This fusion class will leave you with a tight, toned body that hits every major muscle group. 

Barre Bootcamp

Barre bootcamp… Studio V Style! No impact, but lots of results! Sweat, stamina & shaky legs equal a great barre class! Take on this new trend of ballet-inspired moves that will help tighten, tone & shape your legs, abs & upper body! Use light weights to intensify any exercise. This class is performed barefoot, please bring a mat.

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